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Fan belts old & worn Fans run less efficiently; belts break, smoke filled kitchen Replace belts
Bearing making a noise Bearing can burn out resulting in expensive damage to fan Replace bearing or fan
Fan belt loose Fan runs inefficiently, wasting power Adjust belt tension or use smaller belt
Grease leaking onto roof Makes a mess! Also grease can rot roof resulting in leaks during rain and costly roof repairs Correct poor fitting or broken seal on elbow joints; squirrel cage type fan may need a “grease diverter” with cups to catch the grease
Motor stopped Kitchen fills with smoke Locate electrical problem (example: breaker or switch on the roof) or install new motor
Motor noisy Usually the bearing, see above
Fan noisy Possible damage to fan and shaft Balance fan, remove foreign object (like a chef’s hat) or replace already damaged fan
Mushroom fan installed so it can not be properly cleaned Poor cleaning result; fan can be damaged while being cleaned Install hinges, lengthen electrical wiring and install chain stops
Fan not pulling enough air Kitchen gets hot and stuffy Change loose fan belt; clean or replace filters; replace door that was left off; install bigger motor; increase make up air from cooler
Grease traps overflowing onto roof Mess and eventual damage to roof Empty more often or replace grease traps with Driploc Grease Containment
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