Q: Why does my hood fan breaker keep tripping?

A: Often times it is the motor overheating and going bad. Sometimes the breaker itself is bad.

Q: Why is it hot even though the hood seems to be working fine?

A: It can be the swamp cooler/make-up air isn’t working.

Q: Why is the swamp cooler blowing warm air?

A: Usually this is because the water pump isn’t working.

Q: My hood works but doesn’t pull out the air as well as it used to. Why?

A: This is usually due to the belt being loose.

Q: Why does my hood fan screech, but only when I start it up?

A: Often it is because the belt is loose, so it takes a moment to catch up with the motor, kind of like a car burning rubber.

Q: Why is my fan making a metal-on-metal grinding sort of noise?

A: It’s often due to bad bearings.

Q: Why is my fan shaking?

A: This could be due to bad bearings and an out of balance fan wheel.

Q: Why did my exhaust fan just stop working?

A: There can be several reasons for this. Some are: the belt could have broken; the motor may have over-heated or died; there could be an issue with the electrical.

Q: Why is my kitchen smoky?

A: If the hood fan is still working, yet it is smoky, it is most commonly a new belt that’s needed.

Q: Why is it smoky in the kitchen even though the fan seems to be working fine?

A: Occasionally the hood filters may be clogged to a point where it is restricting the airflow.

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Make-up air: It is the air being brought into the kitchen to replace the air being taken out of the kitchen through the hood. This is usually a swamp cooler.

Filters: These are the removable metal grates in the hood.

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