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Owning a Los Angeles restaurant, knowing the types of cuisines that you cook in your commercial kitchen, and your years of experience in running a going concern will also give you an idea of the type of grease that vaporizes into the air. Without an exhaust system, the vaporized grease settles somewhere within the kitchen, causing immense damage and harm.

Almost every Los Angeles commercial kitchen has an exhaust system with a built-in grease duct, which is designed to vent grease-laden inflammable vapor outside the commercial cooking space. The grease duct is an essential part of the exhaust system that clears the air inside the kitchen and keeps the room ventilated. We offer Los Angeles grease duct cleaning as a vital and valuable solution. 

What is the purpose of


When grease is heated beyond its vaporization point, it creates vapors that go through the exhaust duct. When the vapor cools, it condenses and settles in cooler places within the duct. Grease ducts carry grease-laden vapors away from the kitchen. These vapors are drawn by an exhaust fan, which cools the vapor and allows grease to form on the surface of the ducts.

Grease duct cleaning becomes necessary to avoid accidents that can cause fire, as grease is highly inflammable. Our experts at Bryan Exhaust Service ensure that the grease duct is cleaned thoroughly without any residue remaining within the duct.

Technician carefully crawling through and cleaning a restaurant kitchen exhaust duct

How Are Grease Ducts


Grease ducts are regulated in terms of their maintenance and construction as they form the part of a building’s passive protection system. Their cleaning is dictated by fire code or safety regulations. Grease duct cleaning evidence must be filed by the owner to be presented during any fire inspection.

Grease ducts in restaurant kitchens generally fall under the requirements of NFPA 96. In Los Angeles, the requirement for commercial grease ducts is the California Mechanical Code.

Both of these codes layout the maintenance and construction of commercial grease ducts.

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For our existing customers, we are able to offer a full-service repair department.* We are able to resolve lack of airflow, motor issues, fan issues, troubleshoot all issues and replace parts (including fans and motors)

*Repair services do not include San Diego.


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  • Avatar Alex Ansari ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Scheduling cleanings is difficult for our facilities as off-hours cleaning is not an option. Bryan Exhaust … More makes this process very easy for us. They do a top-notch and thorough job, even providing us with detailed photos of all the work that was completed. I highly recommend their services for any business that has a high-use, and perhaps complicated, food service setup.
  • Avatar Ben Ng ★★★★★ a month ago
    I was completely impressed with their professionalism and customer service. special introduction Marilyn, … More JJ Klingler. thank you so much for hard work.
  • Avatar Adam Monaghan ★★★★★ a year ago
    My experience with the entire team was incredible. Richard, Nikki, and Marilyn in the office were super … More friendly and knowledgeable, highly responsive, and extremely accommodating. I hired them to clean my coffee roaster's exhaust system and they conducted a thorough phone screening first, then sent their team for a field visit, after which they provided a fairly-priced quote with a highly specific scope of work. On cleaning day, they were efficient, careful, and friendly. They had a plan, communicated it clearly, and executed perfectly.
    I will totally hire them again and would 100% recommend this team for any exhaust cleaning work!
  • Avatar Cheryl Kunitake ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Bryan Exhaust has been around for a long time and has always been trustworthy and professional. Regardless … More of where I go, I call on Bryan to take care of our exhaust system cleaning needs!!!


What Are The


The requirements for cleaning are described as follows: “Hoods, grease removal devices, fans, ducts, and other appurtenances shall be cleaned to remove combustible contaminants prior to surfaces becoming heavily contaminated with grease or oily sludge.” CMC 514.4.1

Bryan Exhaust Service is in compliance with the requirements of NFPA 96. Call us and set up an appointment with one of our experts for all your exhaust cleaning service needs!

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commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services los angeles
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Removing a chunk of grease from a commercial kitchen exhaust system in Los Angeles

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