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Areas We Serve

Although Bryan Exhaust Service is centered in Burbank, CA, our reach includes all of Los Angeles and other areas in California.


Los Angeles

Restaurants in the Los Angeles area have come to rely upon Bryan Exhaust Service to prevent problems like hazardous kitchen fires that can damage equipment and raise insurance premiums.


Riverside restaurant operators and managers trust Bryan Exhaust Service to ensure that their kitchens are in proper working order to prevent common issues and maintain their invaluable reputations in the Riverside community.

San Bernardino

San Bernardino area restaurants depend upon Bryan Exhaust Service because they realize how vitally important it is to keep their restaurant hoods clean and free from accumulations of hazardous grease.

Orange County

To ensure that they follow all laws and regulations governing restaurants, Orange County restaurant operators use the services of Bryan Exhaust Service to prevent fire hazards and code violations.


San Diego County

San Diego County restaurants rely upon Bryan Exhaust Service to keep their kitchen hoods free from grease buildup that can trigger dangerous and costly kitchen fires.


Apple Valley

The restaurant industry trusts Bryan Exhaust Service to keep kitchens in Apple Valley clean so they can maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Palm Springs

Bryan Exhaust Service specializes in providing kitchen exhaust cleaning to restaurants in Palm Springs, ensuring food safety standards are met.


Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a service offered by Bryan Exhaust Service to help Victorville area restaurants keep their kitchens safe, clean, and free of odors.

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