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Would it surprise you to learn that 85% of San Diego restaurant customers will not visit a bar or restaurant that has a negative online review of its cleanliness? There are also regulations regarding restaurant hood cleaning in San Diego, which could shut down your business if they are not complied with.


It should come as no surprise to learn that most fires in restaurants and bars are due to cooking equipment. Fires often start as a result of neglect due to hidden accumulations of grease. The point is that this type of hazard is completely avoidable.

Fire safety requirements compel restaurant owners to maintain their kitchen hoods by having them regularly cleaned. This not only helps with both customer and worker safety, it helps to prevent unnecessary fines and the closure of your restaurant.



There are four main parts to most restaurant exhaust hoods:

  • Filters: Prevent debris from getting into the fans.
  • Fans: Remove air via the ductwork and out of your facility.
  • Grease traps: Allow grease to collect and drip down into them for removal.
  • Ductwork: Directs air through an opening that removes it from your establishment.
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Restaurant Hood Cleaning


Over time, your kitchen hood will begin to accumulate dirt and greasy fluids. By contracting with a hood cleaning in San Diego service, you can:

  • Enhance kitchen airflow: Accumulations of grease and grime will restrict air circulation, making your kitchen environment less healthy and comfortable.
  • Helps prevent slips and falls caused by grease: Grease and greasy fluids are extremely slippery.
  • Lowers risk of kitchen fires: Grease can be extremely flammable.
  • Improve kitchen hygiene: Old grease residue hanging around a cooking environment leads to contamination and pollution of the entire kitchen space.
  • Keeps you current with the law: The law requires you to maintain the cleanliness of your commercial range hood.
  • Saves money: You save money by avoiding potential fines and the closure of your restaurant. Regular hood cleaning also increases the life of your fan motor by removing grease accumulations.

San Diego


Hood cleaning service will become available in San Diego through Bryan Exhaust Service. Please contact them at your earliest convenience for additional information or to request a free estimate.

Repair services are not yet available in San Diego.

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