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Your kitchen exhaust system is the most vital part of your restaurant as its absence can cause a lot of problems, not only to your workforce but also to the whole restaurant. What you need is kitchen exhaust cleaning by well-trained and experienced kitchen exhaust cleaners.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is the process of removing grease that has formed on the walls of ducts, hoods, fans, and vents in restaurant kitchen exhaust systems. At Bryan Exhaust Service, we provide the best-in-class service for your kitchen exhaust cleaning in Los Angeles.


Every kitchen exhaust cleaning service provider has different services to offer. While most of them follow the same procedure, the service offered varies:

  • Our service starts with a pre-cleaning inspection of the exhaust system to understand where the major problem lies. We believe that identifying the problem that needs attention is a part of the cleaning service. If there are any unusual problems, our experts can find it!
  • The exhaust system, as well as all kitchen appliances and gas valves, are turned off for the safety of the cleaners as well as to avoid any unforeseeable damage.
  • Several processes are used to clean kitchen exhaust systems. The most common is the use of chemicals to break down the grease and hot water to rinse away the residue. Chemicals are generally applied with either a garden type sprayer, downstream injection through a pressure washer, or with a chemical foamer.
  • Once the chemicals are applied, they are allowed to dwell on the surface of the grease for a period of time before being washed off of the surface with hot water. In extreme situations where grease buildup is too heavy for a chemical application and a rinse, scrapers may be used to remove excess buildup from the contaminated surfaces, before chemicals are applied.
  • Our technicians will estimate the buildup before the chemical is applied and decide whether the surface needs scrapping. Our technicians will also suggest scheduled clean-ups based on the grease buildup.
  • After properly cleaning the kitchen exhaust system, our technicians will test to ensure that the exhaust system is working properly. You will also be notified as to when your next kitchen exhaust cleaning in Los Angeles


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Currently, the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry is unregulated in most areas of the country. The guideline that most kitchen exhaust cleaners follow is the National Fire Prevention Association Standard 96, Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.

Several bodies have been formed to help educate kitchen exhaust cleaners on the NFPA 96 standard and the best standards and practices to use in performing kitchen exhaust cleaning. Among these are the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning AssociationPhil Ackland Associates, and Certified Hood and Duct Cleaners Association

Bryan Exhaust Service believes in providing the best service to all its customers. Call us and set up an appointment with one of our technicians to go over kitchen exhaust cleaning in Los Angeles

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding kitchen exhaust cleaning:

How much does it cost to professionally clean a kitchen exhaust?

To determine the cost of cleaning your individual kitchen exhaust, please contact Bryan Exhaust Service for a quote.

How often should a kitchen exhaust be cleaned?

It depends upon factors like how often you use it and what you are cooking in your kitchen. However, it is often recommended that restaurant owners have their kitchen exhaust cleaned on a monthly basis by a professional.

Why is it necessary to clean your kitchen exhaust?

Hood grease buildup can lead to problems such as:

  • Fire hazards
  • Unsanitary Food
  • Workplace hazards
  • Higher costs due to less efficient operation

What is the purpose of a kitchen vent?

The purpose of a kitchen vent is to funnel smoke and kitchen odors away from the kitchen to be vented outdoors.

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