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NFPA 96 Standard

The NFPA 96 is a widely recognized standard for the safety and proper operation of commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), it provides guidelines for the design, installation, and maintenance of exhaust systems to minimize the risk of fire in commercial kitchens. The standard is crucial for ensuring the safety of commercial kitchens and reducing the risk of fire.

Cleaning to NFPA 96 Standards

One of the key requirements is regular cleaning and inspection of commercial kitchen exhaust systems. This includes the use of a qualified professional to conduct a thorough cleaning of the entire system, including the hoods, ducts, and fans, at least every three months. Additionally, exhaust systems must be inspected at least annually to ensure they are in good working condition and free of potential fire hazards.

cleaning an exhaust system to nfpa 96 standards

Fire Suppression

Another important aspect is the use of fire suppression systems. These systems automatically detect and extinguish fires that may occur within the kitchen exhaust system. The standard includes guidelines for the placement and operation of fire suppression systems as well as the training of kitchen staff on how to use them.

Overall, following the guidelines outlined in the NFPA 96 standard is essential for ensuring the safety and proper operation of commercial kitchen exhaust systems. This includes proper design, installation, maintenance, and the use of necessary fire suppression systems. By adhering to the standard, kitchen operators can protect against potential fires and ensure the safety of their commercial kitchens.

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