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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service in Carson

Last week, our team undertook an ambitious kitchen exhaust cleaning project in Carson. The assignment featured two hoods, two ducts, and two fans, all of which were grappling with a significant buildup of grease. A common challenge in our field, but one we’re always prepared to meet with expertise.

The Scenario

Upon arrival, it was immediately apparent that this was no ordinary job. The grease accumulation was substantial, indicating prolonged usage without adequate cleaning. In kitchen exhaust systems, such heavy grease deposits are not just a cleanliness issue but a significant fire hazard, making our task both essential and urgent.

Our Approach

Our method was straightforward yet effective. Equipped with our unique foam cleaning technology, we began the meticulous process of degreasing each component of the system. The foam application is a critical part of our process, as it ensures that even the most stubborn grease is loosened and removed.

The Challenge

One of the major challenges we faced was the extent of the grease buildup. It was more baked-on than typically encountered, requiring extra attention and effort. However, our skilled technicians, well-versed in handling such situations, approached the task with their usual diligence and professionalism.

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The Execution

Working through the night, our team systematically tackled each hood, duct, and fan. Thanks to their expertise and the efficiency of our foam cleaning method, the task was completed within the night. This rapid turnaround is crucial for any commercial kitchen, minimizing downtime and disruption to their operations.

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The Result

By morning, the kitchen exhaust system in this Carson establishment was transformed. The hoods, ducts, and fans were not only visually clean but also restored to a state of operational efficiency and safety, meeting and exceeding the health and safety standards set by IKECA and NFPA 96.


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