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Expert Grease Removal: Transforming a Neglected Exhaust Hood in Cerritos

Introduction: The Importance of Regular Exhaust Hood Cleaning

An exhaust hood system is an essential component of any restaurant, maintaining air quality and preventing potential fire hazards. However, a neglected system can cause serious problems. In this case study, we reveal how our expert team tackled a challenging grease build-up in a Cerritos restaurant’s exhaust hood, transforming it into a clean and efficient system within just one night.

The Initial Condition: Years of Neglected Maintenance

When our crew arrived at the Cerritos restaurant, it quickly became apparent that the exhaust hood system had been severely neglected. Years of grease build-up had accumulated, making this a daunting task. However, our skilled team of five was determined to restore the system to its optimal condition.

Before the Cleaning: A Clogged and Inefficient Exhaust Hood

As we inspected the exhaust hood ducts, we were shocked by the extent of the grease accumulation. The sheer volume of grease was not only a fire hazard but also severely impacted the efficiency of the exhaust system.

greasey cerritos restaurant exhaust hood

This exhaust system in Cerritos had been neglected for years

The Cleaning Process: Scraping, Degreasing, and Restoring Air Flow

Our team began by meticulously scraping away the thick layers of grease clogging the ducts. This time-consuming process revealed just how extensive the grease build-up was, with over 100 pounds of grease removed from the system.

Once the scraping was complete, we applied a foaming degreaser to break down any residual grease. This specialized product adheres to the duct walls, effectively dissolving the remaining grease and ensuring a thorough clean.

grease pile inside cerritos restaurant exhaust

This pile of grease really shows how much grease was clogging this duct

After a few hours we had the exhaust hood all scraped out

scraped out cerritos exhaust hood

This is what the duct looked like after the years of buildup were scraped out

A foaming degreaser was then applied to break down the residual grease

foaming degreaser applied to cerritos exhaust hood

Foaming degreaser sticks to the walls of the duct and breaks down the grease

The Final Result: A Grease-Free and Efficient Exhaust Hood System

After hours of hard work, our team successfully transformed the neglected exhaust hood system. The ducts were now clean down to the bare metal, allowing for proper air flow and significantly reducing the risk of fire. With the grease removed, the system was once again in proper working order, providing a safe and efficient environment for the Cerritos restaurant.

cerritos grease duct cleaned to bare metal

This grease duct is now clean to bare metal and is in proper working order

This is how much grease we cleaned out of this Cerritos exhaust hood system

grease removed from a cerritos restaurant exhaust hood

We pulled around 100 pounds of grease out this Cerritos restaurant’s exhaust hood system

Conclusion: The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Restaurant Exhaust Hoods

This case study highlights the importance of regular maintenance for restaurant exhaust hood systems. Neglecting such an essential component can lead to hazardous conditions and decreased efficiency. Our team’s expertise in grease removal and exhaust hood cleaning ensures that your restaurant’s system remains in top condition, providing a safe and comfortable environment for your staff and customers. Don’t let your exhaust hood become a liability – schedule regular maintenance and cleaning to keep your restaurant running smoothly.


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