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Cleaning a Restaurant Exhaust Hood in Cerritos

By June 30, 2021May 4th, 2022No Comments

We ran into some pretty bad grease build up during an exhaust hood cleaning at this Cerritos restaurant.

Years of neglect made this a tough clean up but we got it done in one night with a crew of five guys.

This is what one of the exhaust hood ducts looked like before the cleaning

greasey cerritos restaurant exhaust hood

This exhaust system in Cerritos had been neglected for years

After some scraping you can see just how much grease was in the exhaust system.

grease pile inside cerritos restaurant exhaust

This pile of grease really shows how much grease was clogging this duct

After a few hours we had the exhaust hood all scraped out

scraped out cerritos exhaust hood

This is what the duct looked like after the years of buildup were scraped out

A foaming degreaser was then applied to break down the residual grease

foaming degreaser applied to cerritos exhaust hood

Foaming degreaser sticks to the walls of the duct and breaks down the grease

The final result was a grease free, fire safe and properly working exhaust hood system with plenty of air flow to this Cerritos restaurant.

cerritos grease duct cleaned to bare metal

This grease duct is now clean to bare metal and is in proper working order

This is how much grease we cleaned out of this Cerritos exhaust hood system

grease removed from a cerritos restaurant exhaust hood

We pulled around 100 pounds of grease out this Cerritos restaurant’s exhaust hood system