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Exhaust Hood Cleaning We Performed Last Week in a Los Angeles Restaurant

By July 1, 2021May 4th, 2022No Comments

Here is a hood cleaning service from last week on a neglected Los Angeles restaurant exhaust system.

You can see how bad the grease buildup is in the hood right behind the filters.

los angeles restaurant hood before cleaning

The inside of the hood was caked with grease behind the filters

After the service there was hardly any grease inside the hood at all.

los angeles hood after cleaning

We cleaned it out pretty well

The kitchen exhaust fan on this exhaust system was also full of grease and was affecting the airflow in the restaurant

los angeles kitchen exhaust fan clogged

Clogged with grease, the fan will not work properly

Airflow restored to this Los Angeles restaurant after cleaning the fan out.

clean los angeles kitchen exhaust

Proper working order restored to the exhaust fan . No more smoke in this Los Angeles restaurant’s kitchen.

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