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Pasadena Restaurant Hood System Cleaning Performed July 2021

By July 8, 2021May 4th, 2022No Comments

This is a wood burning pizza oven that needed a hood cleaning last week. Look at the amount of grease build up that is on the hood and filters preventing proper air flow and causing a hot and smokey kitchen

pasaden restaurant hood clogged with grease

Hood and filters clogged with grease

The hood cleaning process starts with degreaser. Foaming degreaser penetrates and breaks down the grease making it very easy to remove.

foaming degreaser on pasadena restaurant hood

This special mix of chemicals clings to the surface of the restaurant hood

Hood has been bathing in degreaser for a while. A hot water rinse leaves a spotless restaurant hood and filters in this Pasadena restaurant

clean pasadena hood

This Pasadena hood system is now free of grease and will operate at maximum efficiency

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