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Hood Cleaning Performed In Pasadena, CA

By July 14, 2021May 4th, 2022No Comments

This Pasadena restaurant’s hood system had been neglected or gotten improper hood cleaning in the past.  There was  time to get a full exhaust system cleaning down to bare metal, in order to restore the hood system to proper working condition.

This is a hood system in Pasadena, CA that had not received proper maintenance for some time. It was experiencing non optimal performance from the kitchen exhaust system. Symptoms of this include excessive heat in the kitchen and smoke leaving the hood and entering the dining room.

This was due to a number of factors, but the main culprit was the grease buildup inside of the kitchen exhaust fan.

pasadena exhaust fan clogged

Grease clogging the exhaust fan prevented proper air flow

Grease contamination was causing a reduction in airflow

dirty pasadena fan air intake

Intake of the exhaust fan in this Pasadena restaurant before cleaning

We cleaned the exhaust fan, allowing for proper operation and increased airflow into the restaurant.

exhaust fan blades clean

We cleaned the blades and they  are now free of grease and can remove hot air from the kitchen

clean air intake

A clean air intake improves airflow

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