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At Bryan Exhaust Service, we’ve built our reputation on providing top-quality hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning services. When a restaurant owner in Eagle Rock, CA, reached out to us recently, they were looking to make a change. They had experienced a decline in service quality with their previous provider and wanted to return to the reliable and thorough cleaning they remembered from working with us in the past. In this blog post, we’ll share the story of this particular kitchen exhaust hood system and how we brought it back to life.

A Familiar Face Seeks Help:

When the restaurant owner contacted us, they explained that they had used our services before. However, after their previous service provider changed hands, they noticed a significant drop in quality. They remembered our more thorough cleaning services and were willing to invest in us again, even if it meant paying a bit more for the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job is done right.

Discovering the Problem:

During our initial inspection, we found severe grease buildup throughout the kitchen exhaust system. In addition, we discovered a rag stuck in the fan, which could have caused serious problems if left unaddressed. It was clear that this system needed our expert care to restore it to optimal condition.

Our Unique and Effective Cleaning Process:

To clean and restore the Eagle Rock restaurant’s kitchen exhaust hood system, we employed our proven techniques for hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning. Our approach involves manually removing as much grease as possible from all areas of the exhaust system, including hoods, ducts, fans, and vents.

Next, we applied our powerful foaming degreaser, which clings to all surfaces of the kitchen exhaust system, penetrating deep into the grease and oily sludge. This degreaser breaks down the grime, making it easy to rinse away and leaving the system clean and restored.


Back to Top-Quality Service:

Once we completed our cleaning and restoration process, the restaurant owner was thrilled to see their kitchen exhaust system returned to its former glory. With the severe grease buildup removed and the rag extracted from the fan, the system was once again clean, safe, and efficient.

The Eagle Rock project serves as a reminder of Bryan Exhaust Service’s commitment to delivering exceptional hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning services. When you choose us, you’re investing in thorough, reliable service that ensures your restaurant’s kitchen remains safe, clean, and in compliance with local regulations. If your kitchen exhaust system needs expert care, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’re here to help.

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