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At Bryan Exhaust Service, we’re dedicated to transforming neglected restaurant kitchen exhaust systems into clean, functional, and efficient systems. One of our recent projects took us to Pasadena, CA, where we had the opportunity to clean and restore a kitchen exhaust hood system that had been overlooked by the current service provider. In this blog post, we’ll share the details of this project, showcasing our expertise in hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning.

A Call for a New Service Provider:

When the restaurant owner first contacted us, they explained that they usually had their kitchen exhaust system serviced monthly. However, their current service provider was unable to fulfill their required Compliance Engine reporting, so they wanted to switch to a provider that could keep things on track. That’s where we came in.

Uncovering Hidden Issues:

During our initial inspection, we discovered a large section of the exhaust system in the ceiling that had been neglected by the current service provider. Additionally, we found a section of the duct that was leaking grease into the ceiling. It was clear that this restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system needed our expert attention.

Our Comprehensive Cleaning and Restoration Approach:

To restore this kitchen exhaust hood system to its optimal condition, we started by manually scraping all areas of the exhaust, including the hoods, ducts, fans, and vents. This crucial step allowed us to remove as much built-up grease and grime as possible before moving on to the next phase of our process.

Next, we applied a powerful foaming degreaser that clings to all surfaces of the kitchen exhaust system. This degreaser penetrates the grease and oily sludge, breaking it down and making it easy to rinse away. This thorough cleaning technique ensures that every inch of the exhaust system is clean and restored.

The Impressive Results:

Following our cleaning and restoration process, the Pasadena restaurant’s kitchen exhaust hood system was transformed. Photos taken of the project revealed a clean and functional exhaust system, ready to serve the restaurant efficiently and safely. As requested, we also filed the necessary reports with the Compliance Engine to ensure the restaurant’s compliance with local regulations.



Our project in Pasadena, CA, is a prime example of Bryan Exhaust Service’s commitment to exceptional hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning services. If your restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system requires professional attention, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you keep your kitchen safe, clean, and in compliance with local regulations.

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