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At Bryan Exhaust Service, we have made it our mission to help restaurant owners keep their kitchens safe and clean by restoring neglected kitchen exhaust systems. Recently, we took on a project in Costa Mesa, CA, where a restaurant’s kitchen exhaust hood system was in desperate need of a thorough cleaning and restoration. In this blog post, we’ll share the details of this project and how we brought the system back to life, ensuring it met all necessary safety guidelines.

Urgent Call to Action:

When the restaurant owner first reached out to us for help, they mentioned that an inspector had visited their establishment and instructed them to have their kitchen exhaust system cleaned. As experts in hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning, we knew we were the right team for the job.

Discovering the Issues:

During our initial inspection of the exhaust system, we found several problems that needed to be addressed. The system had severe grease buildup, and it was clear that a comprehensive cleaning was necessary to meet the NFPA #96 Guidelines. We also discovered that the previous cleanings had been superficial, with many sections of the ductwork left neglected. Additionally, the fan belts required replacement, and there was grease leaking on the roof, which needed remediation. Furthermore, the fire suppression system was out of date, and the overall state of the kitchen exhaust posed a fire hazard.

Taking Action:

Understanding the urgency of the situation, we began by conducting a top-to-bottom restoration of the kitchen exhaust system. We made sure to clean all areas of the system, reaching sections that had previously been neglected. This in-depth cleaning process was essential in order to meet NFPA #96 guidelines and to ensure the safety of the restaurant.


In addition to the cleaning, we replaced the worn-out fan belts and addressed the grease leakage on the roof. We cleaned up as much grease as possible without causing damage to the equipment or the roof. To prevent future issues, we recommended a regular 180-day preventative maintenance service for the restaurant, in line with the NFPA #96 guidelines. A Certificate of Performance was placed on the hood to show compliance for the inspectors.

Lastly, we informed the restaurant owner about the expired fire suppression system and advised them to have it updated to avoid potential hazards.

The Transformation:

Once our team completed the cleaning and restoration process, the kitchen exhaust system in the Costa Mesa restaurant was transformed. It was no longer a fire hazard and met all the necessary safety guidelines. We provided photo documentation of the work performed to demonstrate the thoroughness of our service.

Our work in Costa Mesa, CA, is a testament to Bryan Exhaust Service’s commitment to providing top-notch hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning services. We take pride in helping restaurant owners maintain safe and clean kitchen environments. If your kitchen exhaust system needs expert attention, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help you keep your kitchen in compliance with safety guidelines and protect your business from potential hazards.

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