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Bryan Exhaust Service is a name synonymous with excellence in hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning services, specializing in the restoration of neglected restaurant kitchen exhaust systems. In this blog post, we share a recent project in Huntington Beach, CA, where we not only cleaned and restored a kitchen exhaust system but also deepened our relationship with a returning client.

Reconnecting with a Satisfied Customer:

When the restaurant owner reached out to us, they mentioned they had previously worked with our team for their coffee roaster’s exhaust system installation and cleaning. Now relocated from Los Angeles to Huntington Beach, they were eager to avail of our expert services once more and sought our advice on an appropriate cleaning schedule.

Innovative Tools for Unparalleled Results:

Our team of National Association of Kitchen Exhaust Degreasers-certified technicians tackled the kitchen exhaust hood system cleaning and restoration using custom tools designed by our very own “GreaseBusters.” These tailor-made tools allowed us to meticulously scrape all areas of the kitchen exhaust system, such as hoods, ducts, fans, and vents.

After completing the manual scraping, we applied a potent foaming degreaser to the entire exhaust system. This advanced degreaser adhered to the surface, penetrated the accumulated grease and oily residue, broke it down, and facilitated easy rinsing. Consequently, the restaurant’s kitchen exhaust hood system was left immaculately clean and restored to optimal functioning.


Client Appreciation and a Stellar Review:

Upon finishing the project, we furnished the client with photographic evidence of the revitalized exhaust system and submitted the required reports to the Compliance Engine. Our exceptional service earned us a five-star rating on Google from the restaurant owner, who also left us a heartfelt review:

“My experience with the entire team was incredible. Richard, Nikki, and Marilyn in the office were super friendly and knowledgeable, highly responsive, and extremely accommodating. I hired them to clean my coffee roaster’s exhaust system and they conducted a thorough phone screening first, then sent their team for a field visit, after which they provided a fairly-priced quote with a highly specific scope of work. On cleaning day, they were efficient, careful, and friendly. They had a plan, communicated it clearly, and executed perfectly. I will totally hire them again and would 100% recommend this team for any exhaust cleaning work!”

Our Commitment to Excellence:

The success of our Huntington Beach project highlights Bryan Exhaust Service’s unwavering dedication to providing first-rate hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning services. We take immense pride in surpassing our clients’ expectations and fostering enduring relationships. If your restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system demands professional care, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll ensure your kitchen remains safe, clean, and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

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